TMS Investing $5 Million to Develop A Proprietary Transport Software Technology

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TMS Investing $5 Million to Develop A Proprietary Transport Software Technology

Transport Software Technology Aims to Provide Customers with More Efficient Services and Better Pricing, While Positioning TMS to be a Competitive Player in the Industry

  • April 30th
  • 3 Min Read

Pembroke Pines, Florida – Transportation Management Solutions (TMS) budgeted $5 million to develop a proprietary transport software technology that will allow it to handle customer’s logistics requirements faster and more efficiently. This endeavor will also help TMS position itself to remain competitive in the ever-changing market and supply chain industry.

“In the logistics industry, technology is playing a vital role in preparing companies for the future,” said Phil Magill, President and CEO of TMS. “With this project, we aim to develop a propriety transport software that will help us provide better and more efficient services to our customers while equipping us to be able to compete with the top players in the industry.”

TMS Investing $5 Million to Develop A Proprietary Transport Software Technology

The software development project will be divided into two phases: an internal CRM; and an AI-based logistics system.

Phase one of the project, the internal CRM, aims to shift TMS from being reactive to being proactive in managing its customers’ needs. By having an organized and real-time view of all of its customer’s engagements, TMS will be apprised of each client’s shipping activities and deliver logistics solutions according to their requirements. As a result, TMS’s customers can receive more efficient services, more competitive pricing, and an overall better experience compared to the competition.

Phase two of the project incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a logistics system to analyze customer and carrier data and automatically identify the right carrier for each shipment. The carrier will be determined using shipment details and carrier data, such as domicile, preferred lane segments, history, FMCSA certifications, and more. This benefits shippers greatly, as freight matching is expedited, and will result in shipments being delivered faster. This will also help carriers to be matched to their preferred lane segments and ensure profitable miles driven.

Other benefits the AI-based logistics system can provide to shippers include better pricing, more efficient logistics services, and access to reporting capabilities. Subsequently, approved carriers will have full access to TMS’s load boards.

“We are doing everything we can to invest in technology and compete with the major companies,” said Phil. “And with higher competition among logistics companies, the market will benefit from more efficient services and better rates.”


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