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TMS has decades of experience facilitating the sensitive logistics needs of chemical and plastic products. We are able to successfully handle these because we have the knowledge and special licenses that allow us to ship hazardous or non-hazardous materials from this industry. Additionally, we have an infrastructure of over 20,000 carriers that can give you access to capacity regardless of market conditions, and we understand the importance of proper documentation when shipping hazardous materials. To learn more about how we serve the chemical and plastics industry, click on the three features below.

Truckload and LTL Shipments for Chemical & Plastic Logistics

Whether you are shipping numerous truckload shipments or a few pallets, we can transport your cargo through our full truck load and less than truck load solutions. For these services, we manage the logistics of your chemical and plastic cargo from pickup to delivery, and we ensure that your freight arrives in perfect condition by partnering with certified and licensed carriers.

Access to Capacity for Chemical & Plastic Logistics

With TMS, you can gain access to capacity to facilitate all of your shipping needs regardless of market conditions. This is because we have built an infrastructure of over 20,000 carriers who have a proven track record of safely transporting hazardous and non-hazardous products. Additionally, we have access to special equipment to accommodate chemical and plastic products with special logistics requirements.

Job Site Deliveries for Chemical & Plastic Logistics

We understand that chemical and plastic products may not be delivered to a warehouse with a dock but directly to job sites where a crew and special handling equipment is utilized. With TMS, you can expect safe and reliable deliveries to job sites since we have decades of experience handling the logistics of chemical and plastic products.

Chemical & Plastic Supply Chain

TMS understands the logistics requirements of the chemical and plastic supply chain through our decades of experience. This is why we ensure that products in this industry are transported correctly from manufacturing to retail in a way that satisfies shipping safety requirements. To understand how we service each step of the supply chain, read below.

Raw Materials

Facilitating the logistics of raw materials from the chemical and plastics industry requires efficiency and proper handling as they can be hazardous. At TMS, we learn your supply chain and implement the safest way to transport your hazmat or non-hazmat raw materials so that they reach manufacturing and processing facilities in perfect condition.

Processing & Manufacturing

In processing and manufacturing, it is critical that raw materials are transported on time as doing otherwise can delay or halt production, resulting in derailed supply-chain timelines and operations. At TMS, we have the necessary experience to coordinate the logistics of chemical and plastic products so late deliveries do not occur.


Timely delivery of packaging materials, such as plastic & glass bottles and steel drums, is necessary to keep the supply chain moving smoothly. With TMS, you can rely on us to transport your cargo on time because we deliver directly to manufacturing facilities and we have a network of over 20,000 experienced and licensed carriers.

Warehouse & Distribution

Whether you’re utilizing your own distribution center or a third-party warehouse, TMS can facilitate your inventory management and distribution of chemical and plastic products through our vast network over 20,000 reliable and insured carriers.


In regard to delivering chemical and plastic cargo to retail, TMS has developed relationships with big-box stores and retail companies to schedule appointments and properly coordinate the logistics of your cargo. Moreover, we have over 20,000 carriers who are capable of delivering high volume cargo in a timely fashion.

Recent Project

TMS has been providing chemical and plastic companies with economical and reliable logistics solutions with the capacity to accommodate their cargo regardless of market conditions. To understand how we accommodate the industry better, here’s one of our most recent projects in the chemical and plastics industry.

Recent Project | Chemical & Plastic Logistics

How TMS Facilitated a Vinyl Building Manufacturer’s Just-in-Time Logistics Needs

A client manufactures vinyl building products using the Just-in-Time system, which requires multiple logistics services to facilitate. To execute its production successfully, the client needs an experienced 3PL.

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Services We Offer

We offer a wide array of transportation solutions that would help drive your business forward from start to finish. We are able to provide this by creating an infrastructure that could offer cost-effective services while delivering cargo on-time and damage-free.

Full Truck Load

Full truck load (FTL) lets you have a dedicated truck, which results in your shipment being delivered faster at a better rate. This is a suitable transportation solution for cargo that can fill a truck so that you can maximize the value of the shipping cost. Additionally, this service can increase the safety of your cargo as it is handled less mid-transit. At TMS, our full truck load service uses our network of experienced carriers who can accommodate large capacities. To find more information about our FTL service, click learn more.

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Intermodal is an affordable transportation solution that involves the use of rail, trucks, and/or ships. Because this service uses the railway, it is less costly to execute, which means cost savings for you. This service also uses intermodal containers that are easily transferrable from mode to mode, resulting in less cargo handling and increased safety. At TMS, our intermodal service can service the US, Canada, and Mexico through our network of intermodal providers. To find more information about intermodal, click learn more.

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Less-than-truckload (LTL) is a transportation solution that allows you to ship smaller loads of freight at a reasonable price. This service combines shipments from multiple vendors to spread the cost of a whole truck load. This allows you to pay only for the space your shipment is occupying while letting you ship more frequently as needed. At TMS, our LTL service provides multiple carrier and service options, so you can choose the option that best fits your cargo needs. To find more info about our LTL service, click learn more.

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LTL-Consolidation is an affordable and safer transportation solution for LTL and Volume-LTL. This service combines shipments from multiple companies that are moving towards a similar destination. Because the shipments are consolidated in a facility and loaded onto an over-the-road truck, there is no handling mid-transit, which results in a safer alternative to LTL. At TMS, our LTL-consolidation service can deliver from South Florida to all points in the United States. To find more info about LTL-consolidation, click learn more.
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Air Freight

Air freight is the transportation solution for your time-sensitive and high-value cargo. Our experience and long-term partnership with air carriers has allowed us to provide cost-effective, reliable, and flexible air freight solutions that can accommodate your demanding logistics needs. Additionally, our air freight service can deliver right to your doorstep, whether it is domestic or international, in the timeframe you require. To find more information about our air freight service, click learn more.

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Our cross-border service is a worry-free transportation solution for cargo bound to be shipped across the US, Canada, or Mexico. We have partnered with the most proven national, regional, and local carriers to ensure that we have the right people and assets to deliver your cargo in the most efficient way. After sourcing the right carrier for your cargo, we facilitate all cross-border requirements and monitor your freight throughout the process. To find more information about our cross-border service, click learn more.

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Project Management

Project management is our logistics solution that can facilitate services such as transporting over-dimensional freight, plant relocation, fulfillment, warehousing, and order management. Through our experience and expansive network of carriers, we can ensure that your logistical needs are fulfilled within your budget and timeframe. Additionally, TMS utilizes state-of-the-art technology to provide you the most convenient manner to track your project. To find more info about our project management service, click learn more.

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