How to Optimize Advertising Through Mail Entry Point Service

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How to Optimize Advertising Through Mail Entry Point Service

Learn how mail entry point service lets advertisers or shippers reduce shipping costs by bypassing segments of the USPS’s transportation system.

  • By Phil Magill
  • June 5th
  • 1 Min Read

In an ever-competitive marketplace, mail entry point service is a reliable way for advertisers to be cost-efficient while effectively marketing to their customers. This service reduces the shipping costs involved when distributing to a region or nationally through the post office.


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This article will discuss what that service is and why it’s a cost-efficient way for advertisers to execute their marketing.


What is Mail Entry Point Service?

Mail entry point service lets advertisers or shippers decrease shipping costs by transporting mail directly to the sectional/regional postal facility nearest to the destination rather than the local origin post office. The USPS offers lower prices for mail that bypasses segments of its transportation system since it will not overburden the postal service’s transportation network. By delivering directly to the entry point, the potential savings to the advertiser is significant.

Mail entry point service


For decades, TMS has been providing advertising companies with reliable and cost-efficient mail entry point services throughout the US. TMS executes this service by identifying entry points according to the mailing list, the associated discounted postal rates, and, finally, the savings that you will receive for bypassing segments of the postal transportation system. Through this service, you can save up to thousands of dollars, depending on the size of your distribution.


To contact TMS, click here or call us at our offices: 877 547 2770 (Florida) or 866 560 1693 (Kentucky)

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